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Handwriting Exposed! Handwriting Analysis Entertainment

Handwriting Analysis Entertainment For Your Special Event
Did You Know Your Handwriting Is As Individual And Unique As Your Thumbprint?
It’s true. Your Handwriting can tell amazing things about you in great detail. Handwriting reveals your individual personality traits including personal strengths and weaknesses, how you deal with fears and emotions, your compatibility in romance and relationships, social skills, defenses, integrity, honesty, communication skills and abilities, career and job, leadership skills, money and finance and a wide variety of other defining characteristics.
Handwriting Specialist Robinn Lange Presents Two Exciting Formats
"Handwriting Exposed" is a fun and interactive audience participation performance showcasing Robinn’s amazing abilities to read the Handwriting of your guests in an entertaining and humorous demonstration, then in a exciting twist, the entire audience will try to match Handwriting profiles of the volunteers to their creators. Nothing embarrassing, just fascinating fun for everyone.
You and your guests can enjoy personal one-on-one profile readings. A table or booth is setup at your event allowing interested guests to enjoy their own private, personal Handwriting Profile Analysis. Each participant also receives a special keepsake Handwriting Personality Profile featuring interpretations of their personal revelations and individual characteristics.
Handwriting Analysis Entertainment Is Ideal For
And Most Other Types Of Special Events & Celebrations
Guests And Audiences Of All Ages Are Fascinated By Handwriting Analysis
RobinnRandi.jpgIt’s universal mass-appeal makes Robinn & Randi Lange's Handwriting Exposed! Handwriting Analysis very popular with everyone of all ages. Your guests and audience members become the true “stars” of the show or event!
You and your guests will be astonished at what Robinn can tell you about your character traits and personality.
Robinn Lange’s Handwriting programs offers the unique ability to connect with groups both large and small to create a very special and memorable event.
Robinn Lange's Handwriting Analysis is an excellent and intriguing attraction which is ideal for restaurants, businesses, functions and Rose.jpgevents as a means to entertain your guests while delivering your promotional message.

Robinn Lange is also an excellent featured motivational guest speaker offering several presentations and workshop showcasing how your Handwriting is directly linked to your personal and professional achievement and success.

You learn how altering or changing your Handwriting can create positive changes in your life. This same process can also allow you make changes that can result in greater happiness and success. You’ll also learn how to identify character traits in others handwriting.

Let Robinn Lange’s dynamic and captivating programs deliver success to your business or event.

Contact us today about our special Handwriting events, programs, workshops and presentations for business or entertainment.

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