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(Frequently Asked Questions)
Handwriting analysis has been practiced for hundreds of years, even though most people still know little about this amazing science. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Is Handwriting Analysis Or Graphology?
It is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating, and understanding personality characteristics based the strokes and patterns revealed by an individual’s Handwriting.

Webster’s Dictionary describes it as “the science of the judging of a person’s character, disposition, and aptitude from their handwriting.”

Funk & Wagnell explains it as “the art of interpreting character and personality from the diagnostic peculiarities of Handwriting.”

Handwriting Analysis is the quickest, most direct way to accurately discover someone’s true personality of any formal psychological process on the market today. Handwriting is accurate because once you learn to write, the structure of your actual Handwriting then becomes a function of your subconscious mind, the specific part of the brain that controls language and writing skills. It is here that individual Handwriting is directly correlated to the nervous system. This is the reason is why it is very difficult to create a forgery that fools a professional document examiner. The examiner knows what to look for at the microscopic level that identifies the actual author. A trained analyst can give an accurate profile to help individuals to better understand themselves as well as others.

What Does Handwriting Reveal?
Handwriting reveals your true personality, including emotions, fears, honesty, defenses, and over 120 other individual personality traits. It can help us to better understand who we are and why we function in specific ways.

How Does Handwriting Reveal These Traits?
Handwriting is often referred to as “brainwriting.” Research scientists specializing in the field of neuroscience have categorized neuromuscular movement tendencies as they are relative to personality traits. When writing, each written movement or stroke reveals a specific personality trait. A Handwriting Analyst identifies these strokes as they appear in the handwriting and describes the corresponding personality traits. Handwriting is a form of body language which specifically reveals a variety of select characteristics created and preserved for a more detailed analysis from our unconscious movements.

What Is The Origin Of Graphology?
The earliest origins can be traced to Socrates who declared, “you can know a man by his mark” more than 2,000 years ago. One of the first documented books on graphology date back to Spain in 1552. Writings on Graphology were also published in 1622 by an Italian doctor of medicine and philosophy. The European masters of this science did most of their work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1980, Graphology was classified by the Library of Congress as “Applied Psychology.” Since then, a rapidly growing number of individuals and businesses worldwide have recognized its value.

How Accurate Is Handwriting Analysis?
A Skilled and properly trained professional can be 85 to 95 percent accurate. Compared to other personality tests and assessment tools, Handwriting Analysis is often more accurate and much more revealing.

Are There Things Handwriting Analysis Will Not Reveal?
Handwriting Analysis can not predict the future and does not have any connection to the occult or paranormal.

Can Two People Have The Same Handwriting?
The odds that two writings will be identical are about 1 in 64 Trillion. That’s 1 in 64,000,000,000,000, so it is virtually impossible.

Does Handwriting Analysis Still Work If I’m Left-Handed?
Yes, left-handed children learn to write with the same exact characters as right-handed children. A popular misconception is that the writing of left-handed people tends to slant to the left. However, only a small percentage of left-handers actually slant to the left.

What About People Who Print?
People who print still are subject to the same Handwriting elements as those who write cursive. It is estimated that more than half of the men in the United States prefer to print when writing.

What If My Handwriting Seems To Change From Time To Time?
Certain strokes and elements represent specific emotions and moods. As your feelings and moods change those corresponding particular traits can change too. However, the basic character defining traits will remain the same.

Other Than For Entertainment Purposes, What Are The Other Uses And Applications For Handwriting Analysis?
These are many personal and professional applications for Handwriting Analysis. Personally it can help determine what causes fears and how to deal with them. It can help with relationships to determine personal compatibility and commonalities. It can also assist in dealing with how to handle such issues as anger and hostility, while helping to understand personal strengths and weaknesses. Handwriting Analysis can also help someone in determining what type of job or career they may be best suited for.

Businesses and corporate clients can use Handwriting Analysis to help to chose and determine the right person for the right job during the hiring process. Handwriting Analysis can take you beneath the surface, revealing more about an applicant than they are likely to divulge. If they work well with others, have leadership qualities, are loyal, trustworthy and ethical. These and many more useful applications for Handwriting Analysis continue to expand and be applied both personally and professionally.

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